Thank you for joining us in the Rustic Manor 1848 Bed & Breakfast Farmhouse. We are happy to open our home to you and hope you enjoy your stay. Before you arrive, we would like to review our policies that allow us to provide a clean and welcoming environment to all of our guests. 

Reservations must be received by the office no later than 14 days
before your reserved event in order to utilize the B&B

  • 1 room will be provided with no more than 2 guests per evening.

  • All guests must complete a reservation form with Rustic Manor 1848 before their stay.

  • All guests must sleep in their designated bedchambers.

  • Smoking in or within close proximity to the farmhouse is not permitted. Evidence of smoking inside will result in a $250.00 fee.

  • The Rustic Manor 1848 farmhouse is home to 1 dog. He will remain onsite for the duration of each stay. We request those with allergies, fears, or insecurities about dogs do not stay in the B&B.

  • Outside pets are not allowed in the farmhouse or barn.

  • Discounts are not offered to a Client(s) who do not utilize the B&B as this is an extended cutesy for our couples to join us in our home. Rain-checks will not be offered.

  • "In and Out" access to the B&B is not allowed. For the safety and security of our home and our guests, once a guest has joined us for the evening they are not permitted to leave. Exterior doors are locked for safety and guests cannot re-enter once they have left.

  • Any damage or theft to the farmhouse will not be tolerated and will result in additional fees.

  • B&B check-in is immediately the conclusion of the event the day of the Client(s) stay. Guests are not permitted to leave the grounds and return to check-in at a later time that evening.

  • Breakfast is served to the bedchamber at 9:00am unless otherwise requested. Client(s) requesting breakfast served prior to 8:00am will be served the standard "To-Go" breakfast option.

  • B&B check-out is no later than 10:00 am the following day. Additional fees of $100 per 31-60+ minutes, $50 per 5-30 minutes will be issued for Client(s) who stay past check-out.

  • No guests besides those staying in the B&B are allowed in the B&B.

  • Bedchambers are located on the second level of the farmhouse with stair access only.

  • Bedchambers are located in the original 1848 farmhouse. The home is not equipped with central air. All bedchamber windows do open and a fan is provided for your comfort.

  • No TV, ice or refrigeration is provided in the bedchambers and/or farmhouse. Water and coffee is provided in each bedchamber.

  • WiFi is provided complementary.

  • Rustic Manor 1848 owners/managers reserve the right to cancel B&B service at any time for any reason due to obligations in their personal lives. They also reserve the right to deny access to any guest due to intoxication. Per your rental agreement contract, no refunds, rain-checks, etc. will be offered if the B&B is withheld.

  • A vomit cleaning fee of no less than $150.00 will be issued per incident as discovered in the B&B.


Decline Use of B&B
Guest Name *
Guest Name
One form is required per bedchamber.
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Guest 1
Please select from 1 entree and 1 choice of meat from our breakfast menu. Coffee & water is provided. All meals served with fresh orange juice, honey Greek yogurt & berries.
Guest 2
Please select from 1 entree and 1 choice of meat from our breakfast menu. Coffee & water is provided. All meals served with fresh orange juice, honey Greek yogurt & berries.
Policies *

Please remember that the Rustic Manor 1848 Farmhouse is also the primary residence of owners Eric & Whitney Shneyder. Rustic Manor 1848 will do their best to provide each guest with a pleasant and relaxing stay. We are not responsible for disruptions of sleep or limited B&B access due to everyday occurrences or delays, dogs, children, emergencies, catastrophes, acts of God, or interruptions of utilities.

Additional cleaning fees no less than $150.00 may be issued to any Client(s) who do not adhere to these policies.
Client(s) assume all responsibility for their guests who use the B&B.