Dessert Liability
Waiver Form

Some desserts and foods can be provided from the Client(s) with Rustic Manor 1848 approval:

Non-perishable desserts

Desserts that do not require refrigeration
(No mousse, cheesecake, pudding, etc.)

Pre-packaged, shelf stable foods

Foods that do not require heating or temperature holding (hot or cold)


Please remember…

  • We have a single door reach in cooler available for both Client(s) and caterers to utilize in the Catering Room

  • All food must come prepared, there is no cooking permitted on site

  • Rustic Manor 1848 team members are not responsible for cutting and/or serving cake. Please speak to your catering team about this service.

  • No dishes are to be washed on-site. No dumping of dirty dish water, coffee, food scraps, etc. anywhere on the Rustic Manor 1848 property is strictly permitted.

  • All equipment, supplies, and rental equipment must be removed from the premises immediately after the event.

Your Name *
Your Name
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the above Waiver Form *
I understand and agree that in the event a food item that is not permitted to be prepared and served outside of a licensed kitchen arrives, Rustic Manor 1848 reserves the right to not allow that food to be served to anyone in attendance. *

Does your vendor have questions about rustic manor 1848?

No problem! Please direct them to our Vendor Portal where all their questions can be addressed. Caterers not on our Preferred Catering List, DJ's that provide up-lighting, rental companies making deliveries, etc. are bound to have questions. We're happy to help guide them through their first time at Rustic Manor 1848. By working together, we'll make sure your day runs smooth and stress free!

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