DIY DJ at Rustic Manor 1848

We want to congratulate you on your savvy decision to be your own DJ! Our team is excited to help make it a memorable night for everyone. In order for us to be fully prepared, we need a few things from you. Details must be submitted in full 14 days prior to your event.

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
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Your Name
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Event MC Name *
Event MC Name
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Please organize your playlists according to when they should be played throughout the evening. Check all that apply.
Please tell us when the microphone is needed and by whom (special announcements, toasts, etc.)
Understand & Agree *
I understand that the sound system provided at Rustic Manor 1848 is NOT of "standard DJ quality" and will not reach volume levels often associated with a "standard DJ". I understand that this is a very basic sound system and should can only be expected to satisfy noise levels often considered to be "background music" and not "dance party" levels. Rustic Manor 1848 is NOT responsible for mc-ing the evening events and I will assign someone to handle all announcements/grand march commentary/etc. as needed. I understand that I am responsible for any/all fees associated with obtaining a Spotify account for my playlists.