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You've already made the right decision in hiring a professional wedding planner to ease some of your wedding day stresses. In order for our team to be fully prepared for your arrival, we ask you provide us with the following details so we can assist you as best we can. 

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From officiant to bride and everyone in-between. We need to know who's walking when and whose paired with whom.

We know you've been busy planning all the details of your decor. If you have any images or notes regarding set up please share them with our team. We want to ensure everything is set just the way you imagined it. Don't forget to label boxes so as they arrive that morning we know what items are assigned where. A list of your personal decor items is very helpful if you also have decor rentals coming in from other vendors.

Please submit any images and/or notes to our team at: 



Lastly, we'd like to remind you to complete the following forms before you arrive for your One Month Meeting. If you'd like to add our Day Of Planning or our Event Take Down Service, please let us know as this meeting. We'll be happy to add this for you. See you soon!

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