A Brief Review

1.  All guests must complete the B&B Reservation Form no later than 14 days before the scheduled event in order to utilize the B&B. No refunds, rain-checks, etc. are offered to clients who fail to meet this deadline or if Rustic Manor 1848 cannot accommodate a B&B stay the night of the event for any reason. 

2.   Yard games are provided outside during seasonably appropriate temperatures and conditions. Rustic Manor 1848 reserves to right to restrict the use of certain games in inclement conditions that may be hazardous to them games. Games are not permitted to be brought and played inside the barn.

3.  Rustic Manor 1848 provided a gas fire pit free of charge to those renting the property for an event. The final decision/approval to use the fire pit is up to the Rustic Manor owners and managers. Use of the fire pit is NOT guaranteed as part of your rental. Circumstances taken into consideration when making a final operational decision include: the number of children in attendance, guest behavior, alcohol consumption levels, weather conditions, and staffing levels. Cooking is not permitted on the fire pit under any circumstances.

4.  All items needed for your event must both arrive and leave the day of your scheduled event.  

5.  Per your contract, Rustic Manor 1848 is a no flame property which includes: cooking on site, candles (open or enclosed), sparklers, floating lanterns, etc.

6.  Per your contract, no bubbles, glitter or hay bales are permitted inside the barn at any time. Additional cleaning fees will be issued in the event these items are brought and/or used inside.

7.  Per your contract, it is not permitted to affix anything to the barn using nails, staples, tape, tacks, etc. This includes items used to decorate the outdoor arch. Nails have been strategically placed throughout the barn walls for client use. Clients are permitted to wrap, drape, hang and tie around the beams in the main hall using twine, fishing line and/or zip ties. Clients must provide a ladder (12ft) when decorating themselves and a sober person to both set up and take down immediately following the event. In the event Rustic Manor 1848 staff must step in and remove and/or package decor on behalf of a client, additional fees no less than $300 will be issued.

8.  Per your contract, animals are not permitted inside the barn and must be off the grounds at the start of any food service, appetizers included.

9. Rustic Manor 1848 reserves the right to make final decisions regarding ceremonies held inside and/or outside as both client preferences and guest comfort must be taken into consideration. It is recommended that all ceremonies be held inside when temperatures drop below 60 degrees.


1.  No Client(s), guest, vendor or other person(s) is permitted to at any time bring alcoholic beverages onto the Rustic Manor 1848 property as this is a violation of Wisconsin Law. All outside beverages will be confiscated immediately. Rustic Manor 1848 reserves the right to not return confiscated beverages. Rustic Manor 1848 reserves the right to issue fees of no less than $50.00 per alcoholic container/can/bottle confiscated to the Client(s).                                 

2.  Rustic Manor 1848 does allow those attending under the age of 21 years to consume alcohol ONLY if they present a valid ID for themselves and their parent/guardian/spouse also presents a valid ID. Both parties must have valid ID or our bar will not serve them; including underage family members. The underage guest must also sign a release form when they present their ID in order to be served. Rustic Manor 1848 reserves the right to refuse service to any guest at any time for any reason. If a guest provides alcohol to a guest that has been refused served, Rustic Manor 1848 reserves the right to ask both parties to leave the grounds and not be granted reimbursement.

3.  Any and all coolers brought onto the Rustic Manor 1848 grounds and/or in the barn will be searched for alcohol and can be confiscated if deemed necessary.


1.  A vomit cleaning fee of $75.00 per incident (not per person) will be issued to the Client(s) at the conclusion of the event. This includes incidences occurring on the Rustic Manor 1848 shuttle.

2.  If you've selected a caterer NOT our our Preferred Catering List, your 10% fee is due no later than 14 days out for your event. Please bring your final catering invoice to your One Month Meeting so our office can bill your accordingly. 

3.  Unless otherwise reserved, the barn is open for access beginning at 10:00am. An early access fee of $150.00 per hour will be issued to any Client(s) and/or vendors wishing to arrive early. A fee of $75.00 will be issued to any Client(s) and/or vendors arriving 15-30 minutes early. A fee of $150.00 will be issued to any Client(s) and/or vendors arriving 45-60 minutes early.

4.  Changes made to bar/beverage invoices within 14 days of the event are subject to a 10% adjustment fee. Rustic Manor 1848 is not responsible for not having specific beverages available due to client beverage adjustments made after 14 day due date. Final order amounts cannot be lowered within 14 days of the event. 

5.  All late payments will be issued a 5% late fee. Review your contract for specific due dates.

6.  In the unlikely event that the event were to be cancelled, a cancellation contact issued to all parties on the original rental agreement will be provided. Upon collecting all signatures, all parties will then be released of further contractual obligations and payments. If this contract is not signed by all parties, those parties will remain under full obligation of the details outlined in the original rental agreement. All deposits and/or payments made to Rustic Manor 1848 are nonrefundable. 

7. A 3% processing fee will be issued to any/all payments made via credit card.

8. A fee of $250.00 will be issued to any Client(s) needing to switch reservation dates.

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No problem! Please direct them to our Vendor Portal where all their questions can be addressed. Caterers not on our Preferred Catering List, DJ's that provide up-lighting, rental companies making deliveries, etc. are bound to have questions. We're happy to help guide them through their first time at Rustic Manor 1848. By working together, we'll make sure your day runs smooth and stress free!

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