When planning your wedding at Rustic Manor 1848, we strongly recommend considering the following: 

- Buffet service forces the loss of 3-4 guest tables on the lower level

- It is recommended that events with buffet service that also have more than 32 guests seated in the hayloft be provided a second buffet line for prompt and convenient dinner service. Please speak to your catering team (prior to your event) about this option.

- Hiring a live band requires (on average) a 16' x 12' space for set-up. There are 3 locations available for this use:
1) Centered on the lower level in front of the main sliding barn doors
2) In the north wing where a buffet line is typically set
3) In the hayloft for full dancing and reception while guests continue to relax and socialize on the lower level
A live band is not recommended with 215+ guests at our location

- Multiple decor tables, furniture, photo/video booths and other attractions requires you to sacrifice guest seating.
Please keep this in mind when planning your decor and guest invitations. 

- We can seat up to 160 guests in the hayloft for an indoor ceremony. Additional guests require a lower level ceremony where the room must then be "flipped" in order to accommodate dinner service. Only 230 chairs can be set on the lower level for ceremony seating. Please plan those assisting you with decor set-up accordingly in the event this option applies to you. A full "flip" takes about 30-45 minutes. Off season weddings & events are limited to 230 or less for reception and only 160 for ceremony

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

A birds eye view of the internal layout of the lower level of the barn. With our new addition to the barn, we can accommodate 8 additional tables on the lower level for guest seating (illistrated in red). We are able to seat up to 300 guests between the main level
and hay loft. How dinner is served, the size of your DJ/Band along with other decor and planning decisions will drastically effect your table layout. Please plan accordingly!

Sample table layouts

lower level seating

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

Our most traditional layout. This shows 164 guests seated on the lower level. This is shown with 12 seated at the head table and dinner service would be buffet. 

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

Our most popular layout shows a King's Head Table design allowing bridal party to converse during dinner. This layout accommodates 188 guests on the lower level with 18 seated at the head table and buffet dinner service.

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

A popular option is a mix of rounds and banquets for guest seating. The layout above shows 172 guests seated in the lower level as 18 guests can be seated at double banquet tables. A traditional buffet is shown for dinner service.  

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

The layout above shows 148 guests seated on the lower level with a live band set up. Plated or family style service is best for this musical choice. Pipe and drape will be required in order to provide caterers and event staff with a safe and hidden walkway.

The Hayloft seating

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

The layout above shows 96 guests seated in the hayloft. Please notice that 8' banquet tables are used for hayloft seating instead of 60" round tables. Some views of the head table below are limited.

Rustic Manor 1848 Table Layout

The layout above shows 32 seated for dinner along with a social setting for cocktails and room for a photo booth. Views of those seated along the balcony for dinner are perfect for observing the head table.

Our absolute maximum capacity is 300 guests for dinner and reception; including head table seating. 
Although we can fit 300 seated during summer months, we very highly recommend a guest list of 275 or less in cold winter months to ensure all guests are comfortable. Your selections for dinner (buffet/plated/family style/stations), choice in a live band or DJ, along with dessert and other tables for decor will also play large roles in determining your final guest count.
Please keep in mind that buffet, live bands, large DJ set-ups,and multiple tables for desserts, cake,
guest book, and photo booths will take away from guest seating. 

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